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Alternative Rehab Methods That Are Proven To Work

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

Rehabs can transform a substance addict into an entirely new person. Rehabs can give him a new lease of life and help him to see life from an entirely new perspective.  They can equally help the individual to break the cycle of addiction and also teach him about his situation; knowledge about addiction can prove helpful in overcoming it. At rehabs, they will not just focus on substance abuse, but will also look deeply into the possible cause. Rehabs can teach you new practices or habits that will give you a complete victory over substance abuse. Holistic drug rehabs can proffer the desired solution to that addiction problem.

In this write-up, you will learn about alternative rehab methods that have been shown to be effective over the years.

Alternative Rehab Methods That Are Proven To Work


It was branded as Naltrexone in times past.  It is to be taken once in a day and has even in use since there 1980s. The new version of the product needs to be taken once in a month.  This new version will block the opioid receptor in the brain so that you will not get high.  It was described as a significant advancement in addiction treatment by the FDA in 2010.  The drug does not affect withdrawal symptoms but can prevent getting high.

The education method

In this rehab method, the patient is taught about how to cope with a drug-free life.  They also teach the inpatient about the various relapse prevention techniques and also teach him how to apply each of them successfully. They let the patient choose what works best for him and improve his understanding about his prefer relapse prevention technique. The patient is equally taught how to stick to a budget so that he will not have anything left over for drugs and other addictive substances    

Group counseling section

This is yet another proven alternative rehab technique.  During the group counseling, there is a complete focus on mind and body control so that the patients can hold their own against the temptation to use.  The professionals understand that the patient may still become a victim of mental addiction long after the body has expelled the toxins and the withdrawal symptoms have subsided.   

What to do

Never hesitate to seek help from ibogaine treatment centers if the alternative rehab methods are not working for you. Yes, they are proven to work, but their effectiveness depends on the individual; what works for one individual may not work for another.