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Appetite Suppressant Over the Counter Works?

Posted on Apr 29, 2017

So you’re struggling with the extra pounds that you have accumulated over time, and you can’t seem to find the strength to lose them because of your appetite? Then you have probably already thought about using over the counter appetite suppressants at least once. Unfortunately, these pills have got a bad reputation as some people say that they have experienced unpleasant side-effects because of them and that they didn’t actually lose weight either.

How much is reality and how much is myth about the suppressants is a hot topic on a lot of forums precisely due to the contradicting opinions, some people praising these products while others completely tearing them down. Instead of listening to uninformed opinions, read the rest of this article to find out whether an appetite suppressant over the counter works or not and what are its actual effects.

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When You Should Take the Pills

Some people actually have problems losing weight on their own, while others are simply looking for a fast method to shed a few pounds. If you’re in the first category, it’s understandable why you need the help of these pills. Otherwise, you shouldn’t do it as you will lose the weight on your own anyway, even if it means that you will have to do more daily exercise for a period of time. These suppressants are actually recommended for those who have a BMI above 27, not being toys to play with for those who have 2-3 extra pounds.
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What the Pills Contain

All of these pills will advertise the same thing, more precisely that they only contain natural ingredients. While this is a valid statement when talking about a high-quality appetite suppressant like Naturabest Garcinia Cambogia I, it’s not true for all of the products on the market. For the pills to not only be effective and efficient but for them to actually be safe for your health, they should contain some of the following ingredients:

  • Green Tea or Green Coffee Extract – both green tea extract and green coffee extract are indicators of a quality suppressant as these ingredients contain natural antioxidants and caffeine, medically proven ingredients when it comes to appetite suppression. Thus, you are most likely to be successful if you go with a product that contains any of these extracts.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – this ingredient has a massive success rate when it comes to cutting down the user’s desire to eat as it boosts serotonin levels. Thus, it doesn’t encourage emotional eating, so the next time when you feel sad or stresses, you most probably won’t have the instinct to chow down a whole bucket of ice cream.
  • Glucomannan – this soluble fiber expands in your stomach, causing you to feel full. Due to feeling full, you won’t feel the need to eat as much and as often either, so your weight loss regime will surely become a success.
  • Chromium – this mineral is not only highly safe for your health, but it helps control your blood sugar, it helps you burn fat faster, and it reduces your cravings for carbs. Therefore, it’s an incredibly effective ingredient that is preferable to be present in the suppressant that you go with.
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How Efficient the Pills Are

The efficiency of the over the counter suppressant completely depends on you. We know that this sounds harsh, but as long as you invest in a trusted product such as Thermofaze, for example, the results will be great if you make sure to put in the effort required from your part. Let’s keep in mind the fact that the pills simply suppress your appetite, this being their first and foremost trait. Thus, you can’t expect them to help you lose weight if you’re not doing anything about it. What you should do is to combine taking this pills with a daily exercise routine as the suppressants will effectively help you feel less hungry. Thus, the results of your workouts will be noticeable faster as you won’t immediately crave sweets and food when you’re back from the gym or when night comes and you have nothing better to do.

Our Recommendation

We back the use of appetite suppressants by those who have actual problems with weight loss and who crave for food as they are natural and safe options to go with. On the other hand, we recommend that you lead an altogether healthier lifestyle and find at least 20 minutes to exercise every day if you start taking these pills if you want results to appear. As soon as you start taking them, a dramatic decrease of your appetite will appear, being a shame to not enjoy this change to it fullest by actually slimming down because you couldn’t find the time to do a minor workout.