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Are Microwaves Bad for Your Health?

Posted on Feb 8, 2015

Nowadays, 9 out of 10 families own a microwave that makes their cooking easier and faster. Given that you can grab a frozen entree from your fridge, read the instructions, put it in the microwave and wait for it to be ready, you can state that the microwave can reduce the time and effort to the minimum. Moreover, if you read some reviews on, you will see that the latest models feature numerous convenience features that diminish your effort in the kitchen. However, many studies reveal that using the microwave on your food destroys the nutrients and can damage your health due to the exposure to radiations, so the question if microwaves are bad for your health requires an answer.
Are Microwaves Bad for Your Health Picture Are Microwaves Bad for Your Health Picture

Microwaves destroy the nutrients and vitamins in food

The microwave oven uses a type of energy wave similar to the radio waves, but of shorter frequency. These waves affect the water in the food and make the molecules vibrate and quickly create heat that is spread inside the food. In the heating process, some of the nutrients break down and vanish from the food you defrosted or heated in the microwave. However, you must keep in mind that boiling the meat or the vegetables in water does the same thing to the vitamins and proteins in food, especially if the exposure to heat takes long. Therefore, given that you only heat the food for a couple of minutes in the microwave oven, you can consider that the heat exposure is smaller and the damage to the vitamins and nutrients is also smaller.
Are Microwaves Bad for Your Health Picture Are Microwaves Bad for Your Health Picture

Remove the plastic containers to minimize the harmful effects

When you heat or cook food that is wrapped in plastic or placed in plastic casseroles, the microwave activates several carcinogens in the food when the waves get in contact with the plastic. Most plastic containers contain toxic chemicals like BPA, PET, benzene or toluene that react when in contact with heat, releasing harmful toxins that are absorbed by the human body. This is why you must always remove the plastic assembling of microwavable foods and use glass plates and trays only.
Are Microwaves Bad for Your Health Picture Are Microwaves Bad for Your Health Picture

The heart rate can be influenced by the microwave

Using the microwave oven can be dangerous for people who suffer from irregular heartbeat, because the frequency of the radiation emitted by the microwave can affect the heart rate. Although the frequency levels are withing the safety guidelines, there can be some changes in the heart rate due to the use of the microwave, therefore, if you experience any such changes and you are a common user of the microwave, you should stop using it immediately.

The conclusion

Bottom line, the microwave is an artificial way of preparing your food, so you must be careful when you use it. Try to reduce the amount of time you cook or defrost your food in the microwave, remove the plastic assembling from the foods, always clean your microwave to make sure there are no food residues inside it and stop using it if you experience heart problems. Remember that as long as you use it the right way, the microwave oven can only bring you benefits.