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Are Plastic Surgeries Worth the Risks?

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

Plastic surgeries are useful for improving the appearance of a person, but not recommended for everyone. Plastic surgery may seem like the easiest way to change the appearance of someone who is dissatisfied with how they look. Whoever decides to make such a surgery, mainly for aesthetic purposes, should be aware of the risks, advantages and disadvantages of these procedures.
Are plastic surgeries worth the risks Picture Are plastic surgeries worth the risks Picture

Factors that should be taken into consideration

Cosmetic surgery changes certain parts of the body and may increase the self esteem and confidence of a person. However the process is not as simple as it seems and before you resort to these operations you should take into account the following factors:

  1. Patient expectations – anticipate improvement, not perfection. If a person expects to look like a movie star after plastic surgery, they will be disappointed. No one should rely on plastic surgery to save his relationship, to get a promotion at work or improve their social life.
  2. Cost – cosmetic surgery is not covered by most health insurance plans and their cost varies by the type of procedure, it can even go up to several thousand dollars. Also, the cost recovery period, additional care or corrections are additional costs added to the final cost.
  3. Risk – you may experience dissatisfaction after any type of surgery, but also other complications such as excessive bleeding or infection at the incision place.
  4. Recovery – after the surgery is completed you may need a couple of weeks or months to heal. You must take into consideration any physical inconvenience that may occur during recovery, and how surgery can affect different aspects of a person’s life (personal, social, professional).
  5. Mental health – self esteem could be improved by a face lift, but not depression or other mental disorders.

Advantages of plastic surgery

  • Plastic surgery helps patients to feel better about themselves
  • It increases the self-esteem and confidence
  • If the health of the patient is at risk, plastic surgery can even be recommended;
  • The patient will have a pleasant appearance after surgery (that’s the wish of patients);
  • Improves social, professional and personal life, because the patient has more confidence;
  • Can correct physical defects or birth marks

Disadvantages of plastic surgery

  • Scars may remain visible, depending on the type of surgery;
  • Certain procedures can paralyze facial muscles, and the end result will look like a “face mask”
  •  For some operations the results are not final and the patient must repeat the procedure several times
  • Some procedures are irreversible and there’s a chance the patient will not be pleased with the end result
  • There are health risks associated with general anesthesia, as with any surgery;
  • In some cases operations may be unsuccessful and the patient must repeat the procedure
  • There are high costs;
  • The recovery period is quite large, depending on the type of procedure;