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Best Eyelash Growth Serum

Posted on Sep 7, 2014

The eyelashes enhances your features by accentuating the eye shape or your makeup. If you already have long eyelashes, you were born lucky. For those who wish to have fuller and longer eyelashes, luckily there’s a solution. A great eyelash growth serum it’s the secret to have long and healthy eyelashes. The following tips will help you find the best eyelash growth serum that will do wonders for your lashes!
Best Eyelash Growth Serum Picture Best Eyelash Growth Serum Picture

What to look for when searching the best eyelash growth serum

  • Natural ingredients
    Due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, your eyebrows and especially your eyelashes become quite rare and thin. Therefore, if you’re searching for the best eyelash growth serum available on the market, we advise you to opt for a natural eyelash growth serum. Your eyelashes will become longer, thicker and healthier. A natural eyelash growth serum contains herbal extracts and vitamins that regenerate your lashes. Look for natural ingredients such as castor oil, almond oil, green tea or vitamin E. On, you can find real reviews of several of the most popular eyelash growth serums on the market. The reviews contain lists of ingredients as well as possible side effects.
  • Fast and long-lasting results
    Most eyelash growth serum promise fast results and there are even some eyelash serums that promise instantaneous results. However, if you want to keep your eyelashes as long and healthy as possible, we recommend to use the serum a few times a week in order to see the difference. You will notice differences in the length and thickness of your eyelashes in just 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the formula. Unlike other eyelash growth methods (eyelash extensions, false lashes) a good quality eyelash growth serum offers long lasting and even permanent results; so once you stop using it, your eyelashes won’t start to fall out.
  • Practical and easy to use
    When it comes to choosing the best eyelash growth serum, the practical aspect is very important for many women. Of course, there are some natural alternatives, such as DIY eyelash growth serums, but many of them require a big list of ingredients and the downside is that you have to search for most of them. Also, the preparation takes some time to complete and in the case of most of DIY serums, you have to repeat the procedure every day.
    Eyelash growth serums are easy to use, one swipe across the eyelashes is enough. Then, all you have to do is to wait for the results to show.

What to avoid when buying the best eyelash growth serum

  • Ingredients that may cause allergies
    Most eyelash growth serums have been dermatologically tested and do not cause irritation. However, there have been a couple of complaints regarding some of the ingredients found in eyelash growth serums. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you are not allergic to one of the ingredient found in eyelash serums. If you are not able to find the list of ingredients online, then check for reviews. There are many customers who post their opinions on different forums and many of them even come with a list of ingredients. This will help you decide you on the product you want to buy.
  • Expensive serums that offer disappointing results
    Most eyelash growth serums can be quite expensive, the price range varies from $30 to $140. So when it comes to choosing the best eyelash growth serum, the decision may seem quite difficult to make. That’s why customers reviews are also helpful here. It’s enough to spend a couple of minutes to read different opinions and reviews online and you’re ready to choose an an eyelash growth serum that is both affordable and of good quality. However, be careful, because many reviews are biased or fake. So, if you want to avoid spending a large amount of money on a product that offer disappointing results and may even damage your eyes, it’s advisable to read more than 2 or 3 reviews of the product you wish to buy.