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Can the Sound Machine be Dangerous for Your Baby?

Posted on May 16, 2015

Having a sound machine is very beneficial because it can help you to fall asleep more quickly. However, it’s important to note that sound machines come in a variety of types, some use only white noise, while others provide peaceful soothing sounds. Regarding white noise, it is often said that sound machine that use white noise or regular sounds can be dangerous for your baby, but is it really so? Find out more below.
Can the Sound Machine be Dangerous for Your Baby Picture Can the Sound Machine be Dangerous for Your Baby Picture

Is is safe for babies to fall asleep on white noise?

The answer may come as a surprise for most people, but the answer is yes. While babies are inside the tomb they hear all sorts of loud noises, so they are pretty much used to noise. The white noise generated by a sound machine is not loud and it doesn’t trouble them in any way, so we can say that it’s totally safe for a baby to sleep while listening to white noise. As a matter of fact, is more recommended to use a white noise machine in the nursery rather than a sleep sound machine that only uses nature sounds.

Why white noise is effective

Many studies have proven that white noise can help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. So this is good for both the baby and the parents. It is actually more easy to calm a baby that has been crying due to colic symptoms. Basically what white noise does is to block the background noise that could wake the baby, such as dogs barking outside, TV noise or people laughing or talking in another room. If you sleep in the same room as your baby, you should know that by using a white noise machine or a regular sound machine, you will manage to improve your quality of sleep as well. What’s more important here is the fact that the white noise will cover all the little noises that the baby makes when he’s moving around so you won’t have to wake up several times during the night for no reason whatsoever.

How loud should white noise be?

Using white noise all the time is probably not such a good idea. You will want for the baby to have some quality “noise time” when he’s not sleeping. So read him a story or sing to him when he is awake. As for how loud the white noise should be, note that it’s recommended to opt for a sound machine that is not louder than 50 db. It’s important to keep that mind when shopping for a sound machine, because there are many white machines that exceed safe levels even for adults, let alone for babies, who are sensitive to almost everything. Go to the website, read some sound machine reviews and choose a unit with numerous types of sounds and adjustable volume. Other that that, try as much as possible to keep the sound machine on a low volume setting, especially during the night.