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Do Dishwashers Increase the Risk of Allergies in Children?

Posted on Dec 13, 2014

Nowadays, we are all obsessed with hygiene. Of course, hygiene is essential for a healthy lifestyle but are we over doing it? Children living in a home where a dishwasher is used to clean the dishes have a higher risk of developing allergies than children living in a home where dishes are washed by hand. This is the conclusion of an unusual study conducted among a thousand of Swedish children aged 7 to 8 years. If you take a look at some dishwashers on, you will see that nowadays, you can find a dishwasher for every kitchen. Be they small or big, old or new, dishwashers seem to be one of the most popular kitchen appliances. Even if the dishwasher is generally seen as a revolutionary and indispensable appliance in our kitchen, this is not necessarily the case for out health! In this article, you will find more about how dishwashers increase the risk of allergies in children.
Do Dishwashers Increase the Risk of Allergies in Children Picture Do Dishwashers Increase the Risk of Allergies in Children Picture

The hygiene hypothesis

Dishwashers reduce the children’s exposure to bacteria, which weakens their immune system and therefore promotes allergies. A similar result had already been conducted among children living on the farm, who are less prone to allergies than children living in cities because they were more exposed to bacteria from animals and thus acquired a better tolerance for diseases.It can be very hard to resist the temptation, since dishwashers are so convenient, helping you save both time and money. If you take a look at the reviews featured on, you will see that most of the dishwashers aren’t even that expensive. If you choose to own a dishwasher, try to balance the situation, by exposing your child to some good bacteria so that they can develop a strong immunity system. For example, studies have shown that children who were raised with dogs were less inclined to develop asthma, as opposed to children to have never been in contact with these animals.

Hand wash the dishes to protect against allergies

Figures don’t lie. A study published in the journal Pediatrics, in families who wash dishes by hand, 23% of children develop eczema, and 2% of asthma. When parents have a dishwasher, 38% of children have eczema, and 7% of asthma … For many, the skyrocketing allergies that the world is currently experiencing is related to the absence of virus or bacteria in our environment. Without microbes to fight, our immune system turns against us and triggers autoimmune diseases, foremost among which we find allergies, including officials of eczema and asthma … so that’s what could explain that owning a dishwasher actually increases the risk of these diseases.
Many of us think that the dishwasher may have the effect of increasing risks, but it certainly diminishes others, such as that of the exhaustion of parents. And it is also well known that dishwashers use less water to clean the dishes, turning them into allies of the environment … However, washing the dishes by hand would be better for children than use the dishwasher: it reduces the risk of allergies, with a greater exposure to microbes. If your child balks at the idea of washing dishes by hand, you now have a strong argument to convince him: it is good for his health! It may not be enough for it got down to the task with a smile, but at least he will be protected against allergies.