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How Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented?

Posted on Feb 26, 2015

So far, There has not been found an effective solution for preventing breast cancer, but there are factors that women can control in order to reduce the risk of developing this disease. Cancer is an important medical topic which is constantly studied, so there are a lot of health and medical news about latest cancer discoveries, yet there are only a few basic tips that scientists can give us in order to prevent this terrible condition. Changing the things that make you more prone to breast cancer and making better lifestyle choices can mean a lot when it comes to eliminating the possibility of having breast cancer. So, follow the next advise to ensure that nothing will go wrong in time.

How Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented Picture How Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented Picture

Exercise to avoid excessive weight gain

Being physically active is what keeps people healthy and happy. Studies have shown that women who work out at least 30 minutes a day are less exposed to the risk of breast cancer. Furthermore, exercising can help you keep maintain a proper body weight, allowing you to fight obesity. After menopause, the ovaries can’t produce estrogen anymore, so the body gets this hormone from fat tissue. Excessive fat tissue leads to a raised level of estrogen, increasing the risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, if you can’t stand the idea of joining a gym class, we advise you to buy a treadmill and exercise from the convenience of your house. That way, nothing should stop you from working out to stay healthy.

Keep a healthy diet

Keeping a healthy diet lowers the chances to get breast cancer, because eating only natural, fresh foods reduces the risks of dangerous hormone intakes. Specialists recommend the consume of produce, lean proteins and whole grains to offer your body all the nutrients that it needs to function properly. Replace animal fats with vegetable oils, and take out refined carbohydrates, sugared drinks, fatty foods but also alcohol from your diet. A very important aspect that you must consider is that soy contains estrogen that is different from body estrogen. Moreover fermented soy can be seen as a solution for preventing breast cancer, because the natural estrogen that it integrates has the ability to block dangerous body estrogen, preventing it from affecting cells.

Don’t take birth control pills after age 35

According to the latest health and medical news, women over the age of 35 should give up the contraceptive pill. Although birth control pills can offer lots of advantages, they also have many risks. Women you are older than 35 years old are more exposed to breast cancer when taking contraceptive pills, especially if they smoke. In case that you have the possibility to use other solutions for preventing unwanted pregnancy, we advise you to avoid contraceptives, because this represents one way to lower the risk of breast cancer. Also, if your family history presents cases of breast cancer, you must immediately stop taking this type of pills.