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How to Have Healthy Nails

Posted on Oct 14, 2014

Fingernails that fray and split easily can make you look disheveled and ragged, ruining your entire aspect, even when you try to take good care of them. So, if your nails break constantly, and it seems that there is no way for you to maintain a nice manicure, you should use the next tricks to learn how to have healthy nails. Here is some advice that will help you grow strong nails and solve this problem.

How to Have Healthy Nails Picture How to Have Healthy Nails Picture

Don’t cut your cuticles

Getting professional manicures involves in most of the cases cutting your cuticles, which is the worse thing you can do when wondering how to have healthy nails. Not many people know this, but the cuticle represents a natural protection against bacteria and fungus, and once you decide to cut it, the barrier between your nails and infections is lost. Permanent damage can result from this type of procedure, but also from pushing the cuticles back. So, you must try not to manipulate your cuticles in any ways.

Use hand lotion to moisturize your nails

When they are not moisturized properly, the nails are more prone to breakage and damage, so you should avoid this risk by using a hand lotion to moisturize the nail bed. Moreover, by massaging oil into the cuticles, you will add moisture to the entire nail, reducing the possibility of cracking significantly. Specialists recommend women who don’t know how to have healthy nails to put petroleum jelly around the cuticles, and rub it on the skin around the nails whenever the nails look too dry. Using castor oil every night before going to sleep is also a good idea, because it is rich in vitamin E, which can restore your nails’ health immediately.

Protect your nails when doing household chores

Putting on a pair of rubber gloves won’t take more than 2 seconds, so no matter how hurried you are, you should wear gloves every time you clean the house, or use chemicals. Harsh detergents and cleaning products can make nails less elastic, which will increase the risk of chipping and splitting. Therefore, in order to protect your nails and skin from the damaging effects of chemicals, you should keep them dry and clean. Furthermore, you can dip your nails in olive oil from time to time, as that will help them grow stronger and healthier. However, keep in mind not to keep them nails in olive oil more than 5 minutes a day, because that might make them too soft and fragile.