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Real Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Posted on Aug 22, 2015

Alkaline water is obtained using a water ionizer that adds ions to the particles in the water in order to improve its quality and to enhance its properties. If you peruse some comparison reviews from, you will discover that these devices are not as expensive as one would think, and some of them even come with integrated water filters that remove dangerous water contaminants. Alkaline water is considered to be extremely beneficial to the health for various reasons, but only some of them are solid. However, you must keep in mind that alkaline water is not a medicine, but more of a help in maintaining your health by leading a healthy diet. In the following lines, you will discover which are the real health benefits of alkaline water.
Real Health Benefits of Alkaline Water Picture Real Health Benefits of Alkaline Water Picture

More oxygen to your brain

Water itself contains oxygen but alkaline water contains more oxygen molecules which are absorbed faster and better by your body. The oxygen in the water you drink reaches the brain and other important organs in your body and the fact that alkaline water contains more oxygen means there will be more oxygen absorbed by your body in depth. This results in a sharper brain, better-functioning organs, and a cleaner body.

An energized body

A water ionizer adds negatively charged hydroxyl ions to the water, which then get into your body and make it more energized. The fact that alkaline water can eliminate fatigue is related to the high levels of oxygen it contains, which work as fuel for your body. Alkaline water is often used by athletes who require physical strength as it ensures the amount of energy they need to complete their daily tasks.

Higher mineral levels

Water that has been filtered loses some essential minerals like calcium, potassium, or magnesium, which means that your body will no longer receive those important nutrients. Alkaline water, on the other hand, contains higher levels of these minerals and delivers them to your body so it can complete its daily necessary of these nutrients.

A detoxified body

By adding alkaline water to your diet, you will manage to detoxify your body, as alkaline water can clean the colon and increase your metabolism so that you will achieve a good digestion that ensures the cleansing of your body. A proper digestion means fewer toxins gathered inside your body, which translates in an improved overall health.

Less gastric reflux

The “alkaline” in the name refers to the pH level of the water, which means how acid it is, and the alkaline water is more acid than the regular water. Due to the high pH level it has, the alkaline water can neutralize the acid in your body, which improves your gastrointestinal tract.