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The Benefits of Restful Sleep

Posted on Jul 25, 2014

Sleep is essential for a good health, yet in a world that is constantly on the run, more and more people neglect the importance of sleep. If you can get by with less sleep, why stick to a normal sleep schedule, right? This way of thinking is sustained not only by necessity (since sometimes we simply don’t have the time to sleep as much as we should), but also by the fact that we don’t see the negative impacts of lack of sleep immediately. However, lets analyze the importance of sleep and see how much difference a couple of hours of rest can make.

The Benefits of Restful Sleep Picture The Benefits of Restful Sleep Picture

Physical and psychological benefits of a restful sleep

Health benefits

According to several studies, there seems to be a strong connection between lack of sleep and certain health problems such as diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and much more.

Pain relief

A restful night’s sleep can relieve certain types of chronic pains, such as the pain caused by recently sustained injuries.

Improved sex life

One of the major reasons why most people are not in the mood for sex is tiredness. Since most of us are constantly struggling to find a balance between our careers and our personal lives, we stretch ourselves so much that we no longer enjoy our personal lives. The thing is that you can force yourself to stay awake at work but if you are tired, you can’t really force yourself to be in the mood for sex.

Improved mood

Aside from the connection that exists between sleep and certain diseases, there is also a connection between insomnia and an unstable mental health which can lead to depression. Being tired all the time can be very frustrating. When your cranky, you are not a good company and after a while of not getting enough sleep, don’t be surprised if your relationships start to deteriorate. Furthermore, when you are tired, you can think clearly and you are confused. When all of these frustrations gather up, the line between a bad mood and depression gets thinner and thinner. Learning how to manage stressful situations and finding your inner peace in order to be able to relax is the best mental health advice that we can give you.

Improved immunity

Since the body regenerates during sleep, there is no wonder that a restful sleep improves the body’s immunity. This theory has even been put to a test and the results were that people who slept for at least 8 hours each night were less likely to get sick when exposed to a common cold virus.

How to enjoy a restful sleep

If you establish a strict sleep schedule, yet you still can’t seem to wake up rested, you might be dealing with insomnia. Consider the causes of your insomnia and look for an appropriate remedy. Are you stresses? Do you sleep in an unpleasant environment? Are you under some type of medications? These are all good questions to ask yourself when you are fighting insomnia. You can also consider some natural remedies. For example, you can try an all natural sleep aid, such as Alteril. This sleep aid consists of natural extracts that induce sleepiness and regulate the circadian sleep cycle. You can also try listening to relaxing music before going to bed or drinking some chamomile tea. Last but not least, the best physical and mental health advice that we can give you for treating insomnia is to identify its cause and eliminate it from your life.