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The Effects of Tap Water on Your Health

Posted on Jan 30, 2015

Water is vital for your health and you need to stay hydrated in order to stay alive, but is tap water safe for you? The answer is yes, as long as the water comes from a public water system that is maintained by the municipality and monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency that sets the standards regarding the contaminants that may exist in drinking water. However, if your tap water is not clean and safe, there are some risks you are exposed to, so you must make sure you drink safe water.
The Effects of Tap Water on Your Health Picture The Effects of Tap Water on Your Health Picture

What contaminants are in the water

Water can be contaminated in several ways with all kinds of microorganisms such as parasites and bacteria coming from human or animal feces, chemicals from industrial waste, nitrates from fertilizers used in the ground, minerals like lead and mercury coming from the pipes, natural deposits or any other type of contaminants and pollutants coming from improper disposal. The most common contaminant in the tap water is the chlorine used as a disinfectant and which gives the water a strange taste and smell. Luckily, chlorine can be eliminated with the use of a home water filter. If you want to learn how home water filtration systems work and which are the best systems, stop by the where you will find all the information you need on this topic.
The Effects of Tap Water on Your Health Picture The Effects of Tap Water on Your Health Picture

What are the effects of contaminated water on your health

Once the water has been contaminated with any of the contaminants from the above, your health is at risk and you can suffer severe complications due to the effects these pollutants have on your health.

  • Cryptosporidium is a pathogen that sometimes gets into the tap water and can cause a gastrointestinal disease that could be fatal.
  • Nitrates can contaminate water and pose an immediate threat to infants, especially if you use tap water to prepare their formula, because only an enzyme from the system of older children has the ability to fight the nitrates and help the blood to carry oxygen, as in the intestines, the nitrates are transformed into nitrites, which prevent the blood from transporting oxygen.
  • Lead and mercury can cause physical and mental developmental problems in infants and children while adults who have been drinking water containing lead and mercury can suffer from kidney problems and high blood pressure.
  • The chlorine used as a water disinfectant is extremely dangerous and can cause multiple diseases, such as asthma, liver problems, kidney problems, eye and sinus inflammation, skin irritation and gastrointestinal difficulties.
The Effects of Tap Water on Your Health Picture The Effects of Tap Water on Your Health Picture

How can you avoid the unpleasant effects of contaminated water

The most efficient and certain way to remove all the contaminants existing in your tap water is to install a water filter in your house. Depending on their working method, the water filters can remove most of the pollutants in the water, including chlorine, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, dust, rust, germs and bacteria, so that you can enjoy clean and safe water. On, you can find reviews of the most efficient water filters on the market. The reviews will help you understand for what type of contaminants is each filter designed and which are the most durable and easy to maintain filters.