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What to Include in a Healthy Hair Diet

Posted on Dec 20, 2014

When it comes to healthy lifestyle tips, most people mainly care about tips that they can improve their appearance. There’s nothing wrong with this as a healthy inside usually translates into a glowing appearance. For women, the health of their hair is a major concerned. The cells that support strong, healthy hair require a balanced diet to function properly. Furthermore, the nutrients that you eat make the hair follicles grow stronger and faster, and it provides the scalp with everything that it needs to stay healthy. Therefore, it is important to know what to include in a healthy hair diet. Take a look at the benefits of the following foods.

What to Include in a Healthy Hair Diet Picture What to Include in a Healthy Hair Diet Picture


Protein and vitamin D are the secret to a strong and shiny hair, but besides these nutrients, the body also needs omega-3 fatty acids to encourage hair growth. Since our body can’t produce this type of fatty acids, eating salmon is the best way to allow our hair to grow healthy and stay healthy. This cold-water fish offers you everything you need to prevent hair loss and chipping, so you should definitely include it in your healthy hair diet.

What to Include in a Healthy Hair Diet Picture What to Include in a Healthy Hair Diet Picture

Sweet potatoes

The key to maintaining your locks silky smooth doesn’t necessarily involve using costly shampoo or complex salon treatments. Although you might believe that certain tricks seem too simple to offer results, you should know that not only difficult procedures are the ones that can help you achieve your goal. Putting sweet potatoes on your list of foods for healthy hair diet will make your strands look like you always wanted. Our body has the capacity to turn the antioxidant beta carotene found in sweet potatoes into vitamin A, which is essential for every body cell. Furthermore, vitamin A encourages the production of oils that protect our scalp, and it prevents the formation of dandruff.

Spinach and lentils

Consuming large amounts of these legumes can work miracles for your overall health, but the major improvement that you will see will be in your hair. Giving that they are a great source of iron, zinc, folate, vitamin C, beta carotene, protein and biotin, they can help your hair grow thicker, and they can offer you the volume that you always dreamed about. So, you won’t longer have to tease your hair in order to make it look bigger.


One of the most important healthy lifestyle tips that we can give you is to eat more nuts. Most people eat very few nuts because nuts are not really part of common recipes. Of all the nuts out there, the walnut is probably the most beneficial for the hair. Just like salmon, walnuts contain a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids, but they are also a reliable source of vitamin E and biotin. If you are worried about your hair turning gray, you should know that walnuts contain copper, which is a mineral that prevents the hair from losing its natural color. Therefore, if you want to maintain your hair rich and bright, you should eat as many walnuts as you can.

While a proper diet is essential, a healthy hair must be nurtured not only from the inside but also from the outside. As such, try not to stress your hair with invasive hair products and styling tools. For example, nowadays, a lot of women use flat irons. Nevertheless, most flat irons available on the market can severely damage your hair. If you insist on using such a styling tool, you should at least read some flat iron reviews and see which irons are more gentle with your hair. Based on our experience in hair care, it is best to choose a flat iron with ceramic or titanium plates.